Helping clients realize ROI on IT investments

About Gallop

Gallop Solutions is Dallas-TX based Software Solutions Company focused on bringing enterprise software solutions to make technology deliver business value.

At Gallop, we know you have a business to run and use technology to support the business. Often is the case that information technology deployed to support the business, does not meet critical requirements and results in high cost of maintenance and lower customer satisfaction. Gallop puts Quality first in the entire delivery process and focuses on helping clients deploy their applications to deliver true business value. Gallop provides complete IT Application Lifecycle Management services, with a particular focus on Quality and Automation. Gallop has strong alliance relationship with HP Software and Microsoft.

Gallop’s executive team brings in deep executive level relationship with HP Software and Microsoft. We embody the true entrepreneurial spirit with a ‘value driven DNA’ and never hesitate to go an extra mile to see the customer succeed. Their wealth of knowledge and passion to bring customer delight makes the company a dominant player in the enterprise software quality and development markets.

As Gallop continues to grow, we have never lost sight of maintaining the agility and flexibility that our clients most need. Our only yard stick of success is the customer success.

Gallop has extended its business footprint to resell HP Software and support HP software products in ALM space. Our value added resell and support model ensure customer satisfaction with more than 95% of the support issues resolved within Gallop’s R&D. Our corporate attitude gives us the power to manage each customer on a personal level and each account, a Named Account. We stay focused.

Gallop has R&D arm that focuses on extending the existing market leading software solutions or keeping their implementation current with technology pace.

At Gallop, we do what we say we can do. We pursue and accept projects based upon what our qualifications, knowledge and resources can support. The result: successful project completion with measurable ROI. Our clients engage us and keep coming back to us because we stand behind our words. We deliver technology solutions enabling your businesses to run better. We've 100% referenable client base and look forward to including you as well.

Customer Talk

"Gallop provided us the knowledge and expertise to more quickly and effectively create our QTP testing architecture. They were dependable, quick to respond, and able to understand..."

Chris Mears, VP of Implementation Services, Delphi Tech